Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pop quiz

The setting: a 747 just reaching cruising altitude.

Personae: me and the Mystery Woman and a flight attendant.


Flight attendant: “Would you like something to drink? Coffee, tea, pop?"

Me: “Why do you people up north call soft drinks ‘pop’ instead of a real name?

Mystery Woman: “Why do you boys from Texas call pop “Coke?” -- and she means all kinds of pop are called Coke.

Me: “That’s urban myth. We don’t call all drinks ‘Coke.’”

MW: “Do too.”

Me: “Nuh uh” as I crossed my arms and assumed the sulking position.

MW, after stewing only a minute: “The pilot just announced we’ve reached 30,000 feet. Did your ears Coke?”

Monday, June 6, 2011

Musings to start the week

Sunday mornings, the Mystery Woman likes breakfast with despots. Opera. Full. Volume. She is convinced bacon tastes better with Puccini.

Doesn’t everything.

By Monday (that’s today central standard time), I’ve moved on. It’s because I was born a septuagenarian. You know – jovial but with a full quiver just in case.

Medical update: I did not lose a fight although my face looks like I did. Rather, the dermatologist froze a bunch of bumps off my face and scalp. All benign. Normally, the procedure is merely irritating, like Glenn Beck. But this time, he spent so much time freezing stuff it made my head bone hurt. More like Sarah Palin.

Speaking of Sarah Palin, don’t you just love her Paul Revere scholarship. Undoubtedly, she picked up those bits of obscure history at each of the four colleges she attended. But it's tacky of her zealots to attempt a Wikipedia rewrite to align it with her views. Unnecessary.

Having stirred the pot, let’s close with Cong. Anthony Weiner.

Dumb ass.

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