Thursday, August 18, 2011

Political cheap shots herewith

So here comes Michelle Bachmann whining about giving President Obama a $2.4 trillion “blank check.” Watch your metaphors. If the amount is filled in, the check isn’t blank.

Most of those new jobs Rick Perry keeps bragging about were low-pay. Minimum wage. And it wouldn’t surprise me if future studies show the jobs were taken mostly by illegal immigrants from south of the border.

Gov. Perry made a big show of praying for rain. His reward is one of the worst droughts in Texas’ history.

Christine O'Donnell walked off the Piers Morgan show after Morgan asked about gay marriage. You remember her: “I’m not a witch.” But at times, she rhymes with one.

Michele Bachmann says she’ll bring back $2 gasoline. She must be planning for everyone to spend two bucks on an Oklahoma credit card. That’s a siphon hose for you young people.

In another world: Mr. President, ixnay on the usbay.


The South Plainsman said...

Bachmann was pretty silly to promise $2 gas.

Poor ol' Rick is praying for rain because to the drouth. We had 2.36 in at my hose the other night....the first rain since las November.

As for the allegation about jobs in Texas, you are misinformed. See this site for an analysis:

The South Plainsman said...

Boy, I wish I would learn to eith type better or proofread better. LOL

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