Thursday, September 15, 2011

God -- you listening?

God, what in the hell are you thinking?

Republican presidential candidates are claiming you chose them to run. Really? All of them? Several of them? Two of them? Besides, I always thought Jews were the chosen people.

What’s the deal?

Rick Perry says he feels “called” to run. And he’s thrown in with a tough Pentecostal crowd. Read about his army of God in the Texas Observer.

Must be a party line. Michelle Backmann got the same "call." There’s even video tape of her claiming she’s “hot for Jesus.” Whoa.

Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman, the two Mormon guys, think getting The Word from angels who wrote on golden plates trumps our burning bush. We can’t all be right.

It’s the Return of the Moral Majority. Religion is becoming politicized – and weaponized.

Is that really what you want? If so, you’ve got a wicked sense of humor.

Aww hell. I think I’m talking to myself


Mike said...

You are not talking to yourself. Dangerous folks, these. Problematic. Society's been dumbed down for the last 30-40 years because of educational inadequacies. As troubling, thousands and thousands of rank and file Americans choose to stay out of the process, allowing every freak show from both sides of the aisles to be seen, heard and have some kind of platform, idiotic though it may be. Uphill battle, I'd say.

Ken Martin said...

George, you're not talking to yourself. I hear you, loud and clear and really appreciate your insights and sharp wit. If only you had a bigger audience.

Anonymous said...

George, you're saying what many folks are thinking.

Maybe the "Call" is actually The Rapture. Lets hope. Then we can get rid of those according to those right-wing-nut zealots who actually believe this country was founded on Christian values.

Seems our founding fathers, if you can believe them, were hell-bent on merging church and state. I didn't know that. --Ira

Pam said...

No, George, you're not alone talking to yourself.

Re religion, in the Sept. 9th Austin American-Statesman, Joshunda Sanders writes an article with the headline, "In the decade since Sept 11, reflections on faith."

She interviewed folks of different religions, including my pastor, Jim
Rigby. Sanders writes: "...Rev. Jim Rigby, pastor at St. Andrew's
Presbyterian Church, said that while love for one another is the ideal, 'it is a rare person who can organize a worldview without enemies. So, all of our religions and all of our nations suffer from voices that call us to lash
out at the shadows cast by our own fear and ignorance...In the long run, people grow weary of being afraid and vicious. In the long run, people find the courage to be gentle. That is my prayer for America.'"

Here's hoping that fear and ignorance don't win this round of electoral politics. When watching the Republican debates, hearing cheers for Perry's death row execution count sure gave me the chills.

I wish folks would read the Sermon on the Mount again. A friend recently said he wished folks would worry less about believing in Jesus and focus more on believing Jesus.....what he taught. It's hard to understand how people can think of themselves as Christians and yet ally themselves with the rich and powerful...What was it Jesus said about mercy and compassion
toward the least of these? Maybe, some folks should consider picking up the New Testaments again and refresh their memories....or not...

sph said...

You might be talking to yourself but I hear you.....and weep.

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