Monday, September 19, 2011

He's getting heavy, but he's still my brother

Have you been paying attention to the polls?

Nobody likes nothing. Not the Republicans, not the Democrats, not the Congress and not the president.

The Republicans, it seems, cannot change their tune while the Democrats try to sing with their mouths closed. And the Tea Party? They are just practicing their scales.

But even with all the fighting, nothing happens. Even with the bad poll ratings, nothing happens.

The Republicans need to wet-mop their side of the aisle to clean up the crap they spew daily. They would rather see us broke, out of work, sick and hungry than try to fix the American economy that they helped wreck.

Extremists who dedicate their lives to making Obama a one-term president are hurting our country in the process. Sadly, it does no good to excavate for new ideas in the anger where the right wing grows. Too much dead dirt.

Obama has broken our hearts. He has sinned against his mandate. We expected so much more. That’s part of our malaise – expectations were too high for reality. But he is a fool for trying to negotiate further with the right wing. They have declared.

Compromise? Not with the Kenyan.

The only science the GOP believes in is political science. They are better at selling their narrative than are the inept Democrats.

What a mess.

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