Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Indian Summer, come on Indian Summer

Winter hits tomorrow. The forecast is for overnight lows to freeze. Hoodies went up all over the Twin Cities today as we warmed out of the early morning 40s.

Cold weather doesn’t fool around up here. Monday it was 90. Thursday it freezes. I’m convinced the first blizzard will ride into town by the weekend. This time, I have my own boots. You may recall that the Mystery Woman had me convinced that Uggs were bisexual – and for the first five winters, I wore them every day while walking the dog.

Strong winds are fueling wildfires a few hundred miles north of here. Started by a lightening strike. Burning the Boundary Waters forests.

I gasp at fire pictures from Texas. Terrible. Terrible. Made even worse by dumb ass politics. I’ll let that line rest – but the record will out.

Our winter migration kicks off in a few weeks. This year, we’ll swing east to visit friends and family all the way from the Blue Ridge and Smokey Mountains to the everglades in Florida. We plan a stop-over in New Orleans for some Cajun food that will serve as warm up for Texas BBQ and Tex-Mex.

I miss Maudie’s and the Salt Lick. Been a long time.

Y’all take care of yourselves. You are important to us.


Anonymous said...

we called that the "gumbo route" (through southern louisiana) as opposed to the bbq route (up through east texas).

Anonymous said...

Texas misses you too!!

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