Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tea Party sly humor showing


What to make of the GOP Florida straw poll?

Certainly it provides a good laugh track which will keep Democrats amused until the next scheduled debate -- or unscheduled campaign gaffe -- which ever comes first.

Herman Cain first; Michele Bachmann last. Who knew the Tea Party had a sense of humor?

Of course, Cain’s victory provides full employment for journalists, pundits and professional duh-sayers. Do you really think he has a chance? Duh.

Clarity? Not a chance. Not as long as the Tea Party continues to flex more beef than brains. Rick Perry obviously spent a lot of time at muscle beach. Too much time in the full sun.

What does the Florida straw poll prove? The Tea Party is a fickle bunch. First they loved Bachmann in Iowa, then Trump in one of his palaces, then Perry in his named-boots (Freedom and Liberty), then Cain in Florida. Herman Cain, who talks in bumper stickers.

Fickle. That’s about it. Oh yes, they really don't like Romney.

QUOTE of the day from the Miami Herald:

Ana Navarro, of Miami-Dade and an advisor to Jon Huntsman, said Perry is more show than substance.

“Rick Perry is a Texas stud, a real macho-man who looks great in cowboy hat and boots and was supposed to come galloping on his stallion to rescue Republicans and lead us to the promise land,” said Navarro, an advisor to Huntsman’s campaign. “But it’s become increasingly clear he can’t perform. He has electile dysfunction.”


Anonymous said...

I think the longer the Tea Party becomes exposed...debates, public appearances, news reports....the less appealing they become to the masses. Even ignorant voters I've spoken with down here seem to be tiring of all the bluster.

The South Plainsman said...

My thought is that one could have said much the same things about Obama, other than the macho business, and it would have already been demonstrated that it was true.

Unfortunately, our system rarely favors substance over show.

Ken Martin said...

"electile dysfunction": love it.

Justin Jarvis said...

Mad hatters the lot of them. Can't even agree on a candidate, though I suppose this wont stop them dominating the GOP until election day (hopefully not beyond).

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