Wednesday, October 19, 2011

This is how we roll

Perhaps you are wondering why I have been so quiet of late. After all, it is not my natural state.

I've been BUSY, BUSY, BUSY

Let me count the ways:

-- the family minivan nearly died. We replaced it with a newer model minivan. You know I always go for the splashy image. well, this beast had to go to the shop not once, not twice, but thrice. Hang on, it gets better.

-- the roof had to be replaced. Not on the van...on the house. Roofers require lots of personal attention. Often, they don't show up on the day promised. Neither does the trucker who off-loads the dumpster on the wrong side of the driveway which effectively pins in the sexy minivan. And the rain threatens. They did finish. Had they waited til this week, the snow would have threatened.

-- undaunted, we loaded the boxes, suitcases and movie screens into the van ready to roll outta here this morning bright and early. But, lo, fate had another grin for us. You know how they say a newborn is not grinning, it's only gas. Well, in our case, it is gas and we are not grinning. Twice the gas company had to come to the house to trace the illusive gas leak. When they found it, the technician red tagged our home. He shut down the entire heating system and gave us two little space heaters and admonished us to be brave. He reminded us that had we left town, likely the gas would have accumulated and made a big impression on the neighborhood. We were lucky.

-- at 6:30 this morning, Ethan's wife called to say he would be here at 7. Ethan is a heating contractor. Ethan is my new best friend forever.

So, we will try to hit the highway mid-morning. Still on schedule.

Oh, did I tell you Mel Gibson wants to make a movie of our adventure?

And -- do you want to buy a house? a minivan?

1 comment:

Ken Martin said...

Cool segues, George. Keep 'em coming. Hope your luck turns for the better, although finding that gas leak before you left, I'd say, is a huge bit of luck.

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