Sunday, November 13, 2011

The debates -- pick a candidate, any candidate

Warning: snark attack herewith.

Last night at the foreign policy debate, the Republicans did some mighty fine pageant walking. Each candidate had the routine pat:

-- smile at the camera, take a few side-steps, show your ass.

With perhaps the most to lose, Herman Cain lost the most. Once past 9-9-9, he seems to have little to say of any substance.

And Newt, whom some described as an evil character from Dr. Seuss, continued live up to his reputation as the bully who likes to beat you down with a barrage of heavy words regardless of whether they make sense.

Speaking of making sense, Huntsman often did. But he ruins everything he says with his arched eyebrow. Makes him look smug and rich and Mormon.

Or is that Romney? Sometimes, I get them confused. Like having a spare Mormon in the campaign kit. Whether needed or not.

Just like having two Texans in the race. That’s a double negative. Before and after simultaneously. Like hearing a lingering echo from a bad old dream. With Perry starring as "grasshopper."

Bachman, Santorum, Paul – just barely enough body heat to cloud the exact time their campaigns died.

This time, the audience was more like Romney. They flip-flopped -- cheering both for and against water-boarding. Riddle me that.

Still, I watched the show ‘til they cut away. For the same reason I watch buildings implode.


sph said...

Best post EVER. Wow...

The South Plainsman said...

Would love to see Obama in debates like the republicans have been doing. No questions in advance, no teleprompter.

That would be fun to watch......and frightening.

George said...

The wonder is why the Republicans agreed to so many debates. I think the debates offer riveting TV but poor politics. The new vetting system.

r2 said...

The Democrats did this in 2008; don't you remember the interminable show that started with all the candidates and ended with Clinton and Obama slogging it out?

r2 said...

Okay, I looked it up and no wonder I have this strong sense of deja vu: In 2008, the Democrats had 26 debates, starting with eight candidates, a list that included Dodd, Biden, Kucinich, Richardson, Edwards and Gravel.

JohnSBoles said...

Interesting that when the speech is a prepared one for which one may be expected to have notes on the podium the use of an up to date tool as the teleprompter is held suspect somehow. The current President as well as all past have been called on to speak off the cuff or to answer the questions from the press. Some were able to form complete sentences some...not so much.

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