Thursday, November 17, 2011

GOP clown car still full

Rick Perry is a slow learner. Despite his dismal performances at every single Republican debate, he wants to have a go at it one more time – with former Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Careful, son. That woman is smart. She will cut you a new one.

Herman Cain is selling “pause” to explain his stumble about Libya with the Milwaukee Journal – but few people are buying it after seeing the video. Doesn’t he realize that such a transparent lie makes his word suspect on the sexual harassment mess?

Gaffe multiplier: First he said no video. Then he tried to cut the face time from one hour to twenty minutes. Failing those feints. Herman Cain cancelled his scheduled meeting with the New Hampshire Union Leader editorial board. At first, the newspaper was unaware of the scheduling kerfuffle and thought Cain was merely late. The newspaper tweeted: “If Cain is more than 30 minutes late for our interview, is our next one free?” Think pizza delivery.

Newt Gingrich. Historian. Strategic thinker. Big fat liar.

Rick Perry. Well, he’s not fat.


The South Plainsman said...

Funny. I had just about exactly the same thought when I saw thet Perry has challenged Pelosi.

Now Gingrich/Pelosi would make a good debate.

Of course, the Clown in Chief was in Hawaii claiming that Americans had gotten a bit lazy, mainly because his policies have been abject failures.

Anonymous said...

Circus! Circus!

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