Monday, November 14, 2011

Newt is next. Cheney on deck.

For a shining moment, it appeared the Republican Spring was in full blossom. After all, the Tea Party had gnarled its way into politics du jour. The air was heavy with talk of returning to traditional values. You know, like waterboarding and photo IDs.

Across the mid-west, hearts beat at one to the same drum beat – no new taxes. Say it – no new taxes. Again.

God and the Tea Party spoke directly with candidates. Run, my children. Roll back the minimum wage.

Forget that earlier jive about false gods. Gold is good. Euro bad.


It seemed everyone’s prayers were being answered. Then tragedy struck. The candidates began to speak. Babel returned.

“You want a job, right?”

“All liberals in Congress should be investigated for being anti-American, Joe McCarthy style.”

And who can forget, “Oops.”

Wait a minute. This is beginning to sound like a Dick Cheney echo chamber. You remember Cheney. A guy at NPR said Cheney is the country's chief advocate for war, torture, surveillance and secrecy.

And he’s at 13 percent in the polls. Cheney’s surge is coming. He’s next right after Newt.

The Republican Spring.

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