Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Once upon a strange notion

The Mystery Woman has notions. Notions that attack when you least expect. I’m not saying she’s weird, but maybe she was a public school teacher just a little bit too long.

Like this morning. We were eating our Hostess Cream Filled Cupcakes for breakfast when she launched into this notion about the days of the week.

Caution: strong language herewith.

“Mondays are crap,” she exclaimed even though no one had inquired. “Don’t try to get anything started on Mondays. And don’t get me started about Mondays.” She used an expletive to describe Mondays that I didn’t think teachers knew.

“Tuesdays and Wednesdays are interchangeable. Not a dime’s worth of difference.” The dog nodded in solemn agreement and went back to sleep.

“But Thursdays. Now you’re talking. Weekend’s coming. Where’s the church key?”

Teachers are religious about Fridays, which they hold in High Cherish and serve with tartar sauce. The Mystery Woman has a lot to say about how healthy Fridays are.

However, her notion was beginning to wear off. Suffice it to say, teachers live for weekends almost as much as summer. Makes them colorful.

And forever young.


Joann said...

Tell Mystery Woman this is the wrong week to be talking about this. This week Tuesday is the new Thursday, and so I'm drinking already! Miss you guys. Have a happy Thanksgiving.

sph said...

From the owl caller here, MW is a HOOT! It's never dull in her world.

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