Sunday, November 6, 2011

There are none so blind...

What does the Herman Cain sexual harassment scandal tell you – about the far right?

If you read the early polls, you will realize the conservatives don’t care. They deny there is such a thing as sexual harassment. Convenient. But what if it were your daughter, wife, girl friend?

And they continue to pour money into Cain’s campaign. They hate Obama so much that they cannot see the fatal flaws of a tainted candidate.

The far right has no soul, only an ugly past and a desperate future.

Remember at the Republican debate when the audience cheered as the moderator pointed out Rick Perry has executed more criminals than any other governor?

Remember when, at a subsequent GOP debate, one or two in the audience booed a soldier because he was gay?

These people don’t care.

And then there’s Cain. He’s a poor liar who changed his story every day:

  1. Perry leaked the sexual harassment story.
  2. Or… The liberal media is out to get him.
  3. And don’t forget… He was campaigning while black.



The South Plainsman said...

C'mon. The bunch that backed Slick Willie for his peccadillos is worried about alleged sexual harrassment? As a lawyer, I can tell you that a lot of women file these things for leverage. This may be like that, or not, but we don't know the facts, just the allegations.

If Cain did it, we should certainly hold it against him, but certainly not any more than you held it against Bill Clinton when he ran again in 1996. Back then we even knew the facts, and that Clinton had lied about it under oath in a judicial proceeding, but he was easily reelected.

As for booing the gay soldier, that was inappropriate, but I would remind you that the place was packed with Ron Paul supporters, who are as kooky as they can get.

Probably a lot like the Che Guevera fans that adorn a lot of Democratic meetings.

Texas executed a lot of people when Ann Richards and Mark White were governor as well. It is the law in Texas and a lot of other states, and the governor has nothing to do with it. Prosecutors seek the penalty and jurors assess it. The role of everyone else in the system is just to make sure it is done lawfully.

The real issue between left and right in the country is the same as it has been since the beginning: the role of government in daily life. The right wants less, the left wants more. I side with Thomas Jefferson, preferring limited government.

George said...

You just made my point.

Tim O'Keefe said...

Or how about the fact that Cain's campaign contributions have increased dramatically since these allegations came out? Talk about your double standard. How can one party be so self-righteous, gay-bashing, religious, holy and sanctimonious and then contribute even more to such a alleged scoundrel?

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