Monday, December 26, 2011

Eggnog, religion and con men

Let’s don’t do politics today. Why spoil the lingering holiday mood?

Eggnog. Had yours this season? If not, better hurry. They stop selling it by mid-January. The wonder is that they sell it at all. Sissy drink, for sure.

Uh-oh. For the first time in e-history, this year we spent more time with mobile applications than with laptops at our desks. Thus changing BS in bars – forever. Look it up.

Religious? Gallup is the answer to your prayers. Their new poll measured religion in America and found 78 percent identify with some sort of Christianity, 2 percent are Jewish and 1 percent Muslim. Only 15 percent of us are atheists. With overwhelming numbers like that, was there really a War on Christmas?

Since 1972, we’ve been getting one second off every now and then. And next month in Paris, some bureaucrats hope to tinker with the ensuing leap second. You will need to figure out how to force your clock to accept one more second in a minute. Ron Paul is going to be so pissed.

A black activist friend says Herman Cain is the greatest con man of all time. “He conned the Republicans out of nine million dollars. Some day, there will be songs written about him.” FYI: the way he wore his hat with both front and back brims down is the trademark of a con man. The style is called ace/deuce.

Damn. Well, at least I tried to keep politics out of it today.


Anonymous said...

You were going great...and then political DARKNESS took over.

Ken Martin said...

But sometimes darkness sheds light.

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