Wednesday, December 7, 2011

GOP clowns excite the base

Blogger comment on Herman Cain: “He said "I'm at peace with my God and at peace with my wife." But is he at peace with his pepperoni?”

Dan Quayle is supporting Mitt Romney for president. He didn’t say which one.

Blogger comment about the battle brewing between Donald Trump and Karl Rove: “The fight for the soul of the Republican Party? LMAO. Talk about an oxymoron. It's right up there with the whore with a heart of gold.”

“Why would a movement birthed by William F. Buckley allow itself to be hijacked by the likes of Donald Trump?” asked GOP consultant John Weaver

Gary Kamiya writing in Salon: “It’s all about impulse control. Like a wailing baby, the GOP base has none.”

Blogger comment on libertarians: “Fire and the wheel are socialist.”


The South Plainsman said...

The combat between Rove and Trump is the height of absurdity.

I cannot imagine who would care what either of them think.

Of course, the press loves it, so we will have to read about it ad nauseum.

What is amazing to me is that Newt appears to be winning the "anybody but Romney" race. Who would have thought it? Just shows how weak the Republicans are.

Of course, Obama has demonstrated the same thing about the Democrats.

We need a political party that will represent the interests of real people, and not just the interests of labor unions and large financial institutions.

Anonymous said...

What does LMAO mean?

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