Monday, December 5, 2011

GOP deserves what it gets

From Paul Krugman in the NYTimes about dumb-ass Republican candidates: “So what kind of politician can meet these basic G.O.P. requirements? There are only two ways to make the cut: to be totally cynical or to be totally clueless.”

From Cong. Tom Cole on Newt Gingrich: “But now it’s like Napoleon showing up for the 100 days. We all may follow him into battle again — and you just hope it’s not Waterloo.”

From a blog comment: “If (Rick) Perry plans to go on television to parody himself every time he says something stupid, he may want to consider buying a 24 hour cable channel. It would be cost efficient.”

From a blog comment on Mitt Romney: “Do we really need another paranoid, anti-press Nixonian type president in the white house? I don't think so.”

From Jerry McGlothlin about Michelle Bachmann in WorldNetDaily: “There is a biblical precedent set for God sending a woman to do a man's job when a man isn't willing to boldly step up to the plate to get the job done.” He cites Deborah.

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The South Plainsman said...

Our country is in deep trouble because of total lack of leadership in both political parties.

And any that might be bright enough have sold out to the big financial institutions and/or the big labor unions.

I hate it that we will have to learn to pay more attention to politics the hard way.

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