Saturday, December 17, 2011

No place to oui oui?

That hovel with "facilities down the hall" that Mitt Romney describes living in while a missionary in France is currently valued around $12 million. It has been described as a palace for Mormons.

'Romney is playing not to lose and Newt thinks he has nothing to lose,' says Phil Singer.

Listen to the Newt Gingrich of 1985: "That was the old me — abrasive and confrontational. You'll see a change now." Hat tip to Atlantic.

Christopher Hitchens on Rick Perry and religion: “I happened to spend several weeks in Texas earlier this year, while the Lone Star State lay under the pitiless glare of an unremitting drought. After a protracted arid interval, the state's immodest governor, Rick Perry, announced that he was using the authority vested in him to call for prayers for rain. These incantations and beseechments, carrying the imprimatur of government, were duly offered to the heavens. The heavens responded by remaining, along with the parched lands below, obstinately dry.”

Sarah Palin accuses members of congress of lining their own pockets. That’s from a woman who made at least $37 million after serving half a term as governor. Irony, governor, Google it.


The South Plainsman said...

If making money after leaving office is bad, then you really need to go after Slick Willie and Jimmy Carter.

Palin was after Congress for making money on inside info while they are still in office. That is wrong.

And Carter and Clinton and Palin heve every right to make money after they have left office.

George said...

Irony. Too subtle a concept?

Anonymous said...

re: Rick Perry reference on prayer...readers should google Steve Allen prayer tells it all...

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