Thursday, December 22, 2011

Nothing on Sarah Palin or Ron Paul, but tempted

Newt Gingrich on attack ads: “I think these guys (his opponents) hire consultants who just sit around, get drunk and write really stupid ads,” Gingrich thundered. “I am so fed up with this stuff.”

Money is free speech. So hath the Supreme Court ruled. And that sets up the next question: how about bullets? That pesky second amendment speaks to arms. What about ammo? If bullets are free speech, how about light bulbs? OMG. See where this is going.

File under We’ve Been Waiting: Rick Santorum is moving up in the Iowa polls. “I’m sort of the guy at the dance, when the girls walk in they sort of walk by, and they take a few turns at the dance hall with the guys that are a little better looking, a little flashier, a little more bling,” he told about 300 Nationwide Insurance employees in Des Moines this past week. “But at the end of the evening, old steady Eddie’s there. He’s the guy you want to bring home to mom and dad.” Uh huh.

Jimmy Fallon: “Here’s an election update. In a new interview, New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie said he advised Mitt Romney to be edgier and bolder. Or, as Romney put it, ‘Good-bye black socks, hello blue socks!’”

Shopping mall Santa on what kids want: “iPhones, iPads, iAnything.? Grandparents take note.

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paula said...

Inothing in this house.Merry Christmas!

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