Sunday, December 4, 2011

Quotes -- with a bias

Blogger comment on Newt: “He actually has some interesting ideas- the problem is, he is constantly coming up with ideas, 90% of which are batshit crazy and 10% have some merit. And he really, really can't tell the difference...”

GOP presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann says many people who had supported Herman Cain in the race are getting behind her candidacy. At press time, it was unknown if that includes all twelve of them.

Ron Paul on Donald Trump: “I don’t quite understand the marching to his office. I didn’t realize he had the ability to lay on hands and anoint people.” Paul demurred on attending the proposed Trump-hosted debates.

Sarah Palin on the GOP race thus far. “I don’t think it has come down solidly between Newt and Romney. No, not yet because there is still a lot of fluid dynamic going on in this race.” She went on to make nice about Rick Santorum. What is fluid dynamic? Sounds like the transmission on a ’57 Buick.

Herman Cain: “Plan B.”


George said...

I forgot...

Rick Perry:

Anonymous said...

anyone who gives sara palin a microphone should be banned from earth!

sph said...

I wish there was a LIKE button for BLOGS.....

Tim O'Keefe said...

I, for one, am surely gonna miss Cain. No one else is quite as funny when he (or she) is trying to take him (or her)self seriously. Luckily we still have some good material left in Perry.

Anonymous said...

People need to read today's Doonesbury. The Rickster exposed!

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