Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Read the comments

America is pissed.

The online political articles are only half the fun. The professional writers seem muted when read side-by-side with the comments from the unwashed. I love reading the comments.

Herewith is more heat:

Slowly, Mitt is becoming the best looking candidate at the bar and it’s getting near closing time.

This election would make a lot more sense if I was drinking heavy again.

Romney, always the bridesmaid. Never the bride.

Gingrich, always the groom. Over and over and over.

Ron Paul thus becomes the sixth candidate to have led an Iowa caucus poll at some point this cycle, joining Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry and Herman Cain.

The evangelical vote represents the absolute worst that America has to offer: small-minded, racist, homophobic, ignorant and insecure. They've shot themselves in the foot with their own intolerance. Nobody electable is purely evil enough for them. And nobody evil enough for them is electable.

At some point the evangelical vote may be as important to a US election as the al qaeda vote.

Jenifer Bowen, the executive director of Iowa Right to Life, spent a recent evening listening to four Republican presidential candidates deliver faith-infused pitches to about 1,000 evangelicals representing one of this election’s most critical and conflicted voting blocs. She carried a basket of fetus dolls.

Bumper sticker: Be nice to Mussolini or you may wind up with Hitler.

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The South Plainsman said...

The worst thing that could happen is that we get Obama back.

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