Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sarah Palin hearts Donald Trump

Sarah Palin likes the notion of Donald Trump hosting a GOP debate. She said if she was running for president, she would absolutely be there. Sarah Who?

Blogger comment on GOP tax cuts: “Now if the short attention span Americans can just remember this next Novem --look squirrel !!”

“You gotta be sick and damn tired of people who want to cut Pell Grants, childhood basic education, Head Start, and programs that really break the cycle of poverty, and then turn around and say they want to put kids to work on the factory floor.” Goldie Taylor, editor of discussing the GOP campaigns.

If God told Herman Cain to run, why did he also tell Anita Perry her husband should run (she saw the burning bush) and Michele Bachmann and all of the others who have been tapped on the shoulder? Is this some sort of cruel game God is playing?” Sally Quinn writing in the Washington Post.

“The Vatican’s Central Post Office seemed a somnolent place, although it delivers more letters per capita than anywhere on earth. The Vatican gas station had no prices on the pumps. The Vatican Pharmacy, run by the Hospitaller Brothers of St John of God, offers a dazzling display of high-end perfumes and beauty-care products under a smiling portrait of the pope, as well as prescription medicines that are approved much faster than in the rest of Italy, I was told—although one will look in vain for contraceptives.” Tony Perrottet writing in Slate. Note: the child porn is behind the counter?

"My mom is gay and she doesn't need fixing." Eight year old boy whispers to Michele Bachmann.

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Anonymous said...

Newt obliterating the polls in Ohio? Proof positive a pox is on the Republicans. Newt. Really?

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