Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Where political gas comes from

It has been more than 30 years (nearly 40) since I was actively involved in politics. But it’s like catnip. Too much is not enough. Every day, I read half a dozen political sites before the sun comes up. Including the comments. Got to.

Here are some that caught my attention this morning (yes, I am biased):

Ring. Ring. Robo call. Draft Hillary Clinton for President. Click. Bzzzzzz.

Responding to the threat that Sarah Palin was so worried about the GOP field of candidates that she is considering running for president, one blogger wrote: “well, they are one clown short of a circus...”

Responding to news the Denver Broncos where Tim Tebow plays would probably not participate in making a video for It Gets Better, a blogger wrote: “The Real Jesus is pretty annoyed with the American Jesus.”

A conservative blogger wrote: “Newt Gingrich is the Ebola virus of the GOP. The Establishment understands that and has just slaughtered him. They have beat him like they were bashing new born baby seals with baseball bats on a snowy, icy Alaska beach.”

John Kelso, Austin American Statesman humor columnist, has the best 2-sentence biography of His Hairness:

On his earning a “D” in a course at A&M called “Meat”.

“Class, this is a pork chop.”

“Mr. Perry, am I going too fast for you?”

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