Sunday, January 29, 2012

All Newt, all the time

“Reeling in the polls and seemingly punch-drunk after the debate shellacking he suffered at the hands of Mitt Romney on Thursday night, Gingrich’s speeches Friday had all the uplift of a hospital waiting room.” -- Alex Altman, Time.

“Newt is beginning to look like a dead pear.” -- Ed.

“Newt sounded bad, he looked bad, and generally came across like a weasel who had finally been cornered by Animal Control.” -- Ed Kilgore, Washington Monthly.

“He’s got about as much chance getting elected president as Wednesday has becoming Sunday.” – Blogger.

About Newt’s grand idea for a permanent colony on the moon, Michelle Herbeck rolled her eyes, "Anybody can run for president and promise a lot of crap."

About Herman Cain endorsing Gingrich, “Now here comes Moonie and Beki Beki." – Blogger.

About the irony, “What’s next for these two, wife swapping?” – Blogger.

About the impact, “Is Herman Cain Newt’s Hail Mary? Or Hey Baby?” – Blogger.

Dumb. For such a smart guy. Dumb.

Maybe he is crazy.


Anonymous said...

"Everything is breaking Barry’s way, as Mitt and Newt rip into each other in vicious ads and debates like alligators going after house pets."

--Maureen Dowd, this a.m.'s NYT

Anonymous said...

I am shocked Newt ran this thing as far as he has.

This guy has always been the poster child for smarm, baggage, and sheer lunacy. Prototypical Washington, corrupted insider. Proves without a doubt the Republicans, and all the rest I might add, have a shortage of really first rate candidates to run out there.

Colonize the moon? Really?

What no one, none of the network or big newspaper political reporters has cracked Gingrich's skull on, to me is the absolute scariest notion this man ever spoke about.

On all three network Sunday political shows last October, I clearly heard Gingrich say, "I do not think the economy is the top issue...I think rewriting the entire Constitution is what should happen, and if I am elected, I will insist on a Constitutional Convention to do just that." Bob Schieffer did a double take..and asked him to repeat himself, and he did.

Can you imagine what Gingrich and his ilk conceive a rewrite of the Constitution should include? Makes me shudder. And why he hasn't been consistently nailed on this from the political reporting elite' in this country is beyond me.

The implications behind that line of thought, coupled with most of what he says otherwise, prove without a doubt this is one crazed puppy.

Republicans better duck and cover and get rid of this guy before all the loons come out of the bin. Just saying.

The South Plainsman said...

Looks like both parties are stuck with real losers this time around. Just like last time.

That means we all lose.

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