Saturday, January 21, 2012

GOP candidates merely punch lines

“Stephen Colbert is a comedian and the other Republican candidates are bad jokes.” – Blogger.

“What could be more fun than a candidate who upon high school graduation married his geometry teacher? How many of us even liked our geometry teachers? This is precisely what we have needed ever since Monty Python went off the air.” – Blogger.

“A man who would cheat on his wife is worse than a man who would hide his income in the Cayman Islands to avoid paying American taxes.” – Blogger.

“Newt is crazy but at least he means his crazy. He truly believes every wacky thing he says. I prefer a sincere lunatic to a disingenuous one.” -- Judd Apatow.

“Mitt is showing his true a rudderless windsock.” Blogger

“Brittle.” – that’s how some Republican heavies are describing Romney.

“Just something about him has Phony written all over it!” – Blogger.

1 comment:

JohnSBoles said...

I find some solace in considering that sixty percent of the Republicans who voted in this primary...did not vote for Gingrich.

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