Monday, January 9, 2012

The GOP field -- still life with fruit

And this year’s best description of a political candidate goes to Peggy Noonan who described Newt Gingrich as “an angry little attack muffin.”

“Five vettings and a funeral,” – that’s how Chris Matthews described the Sunday morning GOP debate.

Grey Poupon. Brings out the taste of pious baloney. On whitebread.

Have you seen all the Twitter photos Rick Perry has posted of himself in jogging shorts? He’s running a close second to Anthony Weiner.

“Handsome and deadly dull.” First impression from just meeting Mitt Romney.


Anonymous said...

The Brody File has two words to sum up what these next two weeks are going to be like in the lead up to South Carolina: Political bloodbath

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the daily distillation. Muffin! ha ha ha.

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