Monday, January 23, 2012

GOP hammers GOP

“Basically, today’s (S. Carolina) vote is about Republican grassroots giving the Washington Republican establishment the finger.” Erick Erickson, Red State.

“Newt is the GOP’s Bill Clinton, and I’m not voting for an immoral grandiose windbag.” – Blogger.

“I hope Newt stays spiteful and stays in for a long, long time.” – Blogger.

“I think Romney will lose and the nuttiest of the nuts are going to leave the party, and form a third party, because they lost again by nominating a moderate.” Blogger.

“Teabaggers hate blacks more than they hate rich Mormons. Every time they see Obama's face on the television, it's the face of someone different than them. You can't see ‘Mormon.’ Well, not at least without their street clothes off.” – Blogger.

“Good God... picture Nixon with Fox News carrying his water.... Of course, Nixon is to the left of everyone they have now.” – Blogger.

"Actually, there's a mini scandal going on in Disney World in Florida right now. Seems that when Newt Gingrich was down there, he was seeing both Snow White and Cinderella at the same time." – Jay Leno.

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The South Plainsman said...

I see that Rasmussen has Newt up 41-32 in Florida this morning.

What will be the endgame here? Dunno, but it should be interesting, if scary, to watch.

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