Thursday, January 12, 2012

GOP -- talk to me

You know what’s wrong – the next GOP debate is too far away.

Recently Mormons have won both Dancing With the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance. – Slate. (You can see why some Baptist think them to be a cult.)
When Ron Paul sauntered on stage in New Hampshire, the music that blared was the Darth Vader theme, the Imperial March from Star Wars. – Huffington Post. (Yep. He’s dangerous.)

“The majority has not yet coalesced around one,” Sarah Palin.
CNN host Piers Morgan called right-wing attack hound Andrew Breitbart “notoriously evil about almost everybody.”

“A huge pendulum attached to a small clock.” – Ivan Panin on Samuel Taylor Coleridge.
In Vino Veritas. – Blogger.


George said...

I forgot this one:

Jimmy Kimmel: "Now, the candidates will head to South Carolina. A little-known fact that it used to be one Carolina. Until Mitt Romney's company bought it and split it into two."

The South Plainsman said...

In vino, veritas. Too true.

Not much veritas anywhere any more.

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