Tuesday, January 10, 2012

GOP telethon drawing to a close

A Monday poll showed Buddy Roemer ahead of Rick Perry in New Hampshire. Snap.

After a day of Romney goofs, gaffes, and lies: "The more this goes on, the more I think he's not going to beat Obama.” -- New England Republican.

”The Romney unit was doing so well....then he opened his mouth! Blue-bIoods just can't hide their disdain for the rest of us!” -- Blogger.

Huh? "I have no problem with this type of thing being written if they were out of office," McCain said. She then said not once, but twice, that the Obamas deserved "a small emoticon of privacy." -- Meghan McCain about the new Obama book.

“Yesterday, Gingrich was a capitalist, today he's a Trotskyite.” -- Blogger.

“Nastiness ratchets up as time ratchets down,” -- CNN’s Candy Crowley.


Anonymous said...

You know, they must think that's all well and good to criticize The Mitt for liking to fire people who don't perform good service.

But I wondered if anyone in Texas gave pause to think about all the pink slips this administration handed to teachers and state workers in the last budget cycle.

What, unemployment only counts for exterminators??

The South Plainsman said...

I will not hold my breath until Obama has the guts to debate like that. LOL

With the "moderators" being antagonists, and Obama having no teleprompter, it would be real satifying. Of course, the media "moderators" are shills for Obama, so he would get real softball questions, and probably would be supplied with them in advance.

As for the "pink slips" what we need is someone who can come in and immediately fire every Obama appointee or hire. lol

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