Thursday, January 26, 2012

How much $$$ Romney makes every day

Mitt is making money off money at a fabulous rate – like $57,000 per day. If you wonder how long it would take him to earn your paltry annual salary (can you spell chicken feed), there’s an app for that. Click here.

Our richest president was our first. Adjusted for inflation, George Washington was worth $500 million. His money came from Mt. Vernon and, sadly, from slaves. Hat tip, Dan Check, at Slate.

"It's not that Romney makes a lot of money. It's HOW he makes it." -- Blogger.

“Be sure and let me know the next time Romney crosses the Delaware to fight somebody, rather than crossing the Caribbean to make an offshore deposit.” – Blogger.

“Governor, I knew George Washington. George Washington was a Founding Father of mine. You are no George Washington.” Blogger.

“Has any President in history ever had Swiss bank accounts and offshore investments designed to minimize taxes?” – Blogger.

“We need Mitt - he likes to fire people, and there are millions of lazy Americans who need firing.” – Blogger.

“If newt wins the nomination -which is still unlikely in my mind- he'll be the first GOP or democratic nominee that I can remember that literally got nominated as a direct result of throwing red meat to the base and watching them act like wild dogs with a chew toy.” – Blogger.

“Not to worry, he ain't gonna be a President. (Nor will the Salamander.)” – Blogger.


Anonymous said...

Tell me if I'm wrong, because I was only about 3 feet tall back then, so everything looked closer to the base, but might I suggest Richard Nixon in 1968? Or did George Wallace tend to that care and feeding...?

The South Plainsman said...

Thomas Jefferson was right up there as well.

Of course, we do need someone capable of firing people, beginning with everyone the government has hired under Obama.

paula said...

SP---You mean all the folks who coordinated the SEAL rescue/attacks, the ones who are laying out procedures to make it easier for states to provide health insurance to their citizens, the people at FEMA who responded to a record number of weather-related disasters last year including the Joplin tornado and the NE floods, the people who helped Detroit save the US auto industry and the folks working for Homeland Security who detected then fended off numerous terrorist attacks? Of maybe the ones running the VA hospitals or coordinating the construction of miles and miles of interstate highways (seems like almost everywhere I want to go!). Or perhaps our diplomatic corps, which has toned down anti-US rhetoric immensely, in spite of our two wars. Yeah, nobody's doing a good job under Obama. We need to stop all this silliness and give tax dollars back to individuals so they can build their own roads, conduct their own diplomacy, etc.

Anonymous said...

Go Paula!!! You are right on target!

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