Monday, January 16, 2012

Huntsman out of here

“Conservatives cling to the comforting moral illusion that there is a sharp distinction between allowing people to suffer and making people suffer.” – Blogger.

SC GOP chairman said, "Stephen Colbert has about as much a chance at being elected president in South Carolina as he does of being elected Pope. Zero. It didn't work four years ago, and it won't work now. The gag is worn out." Uhhh. He was polling higher than Huntsman.

Two Mormons? Do the math. – Blogger.

Comedian Bill Maher describes Rick Santorum as "The guy who's obsessed with gay sex!" He then talked about Santorum making public appearances in sweater vests, "which is proof he does not have one gay friend."

"Can we check and see where the speaker is?" – Gingrich was a no-show at a S. Carolina barbecue and the moderator was puzzled.

“Ron Paul only likes questions that he can answer with one word: liberty.” – Blogger.

Saddest Jon Huntsman quote ever: “I’m not the moderate you’ve heard I am.”


The South Plainsman said...

Colbert might be the best in the bunch running for Prez. Obama is the worst. lol

We are in deep doo-doo.

Can see it better today.

Anonymous said...

When Perry drops out of the race it'll go a long way to show prayer works, at least my prayers anyway.

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