Thursday, January 5, 2012

Political wisdom -- oxymoron

“He is so interesting, smart and decent. He’s a good person, and that allows his character to be criminally, negligently ignorant.” -- Jon Stewart on Stephen Colbert.

“Musicians are part of the entertainment industry which is mostly anti-Republican… Imagine if a liberal tried to use Toby Keith's ‘Courtesy Of The Red, White, And Blue.’ Keith and his fans would rightly be upset. But that never happens since liberals don't like images of the flag.” -- part-time political commentator Dan Gainor, full-time idiot.

“Rick Santorum is like the North's version of Rick Perry.” -- Blogger.

“The Republican presidential candidates have swept into New Hampshire so swiftly, you might be tricked into thinking that next Tuesday’s primary really matters.” Maggie Haberman in Politico.

Breaking news: “The gender gap—the difference between how men and women vote—represents on average a seven point gulf between the sexes during presidential elections.” – Libby Copeland in Slate.

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