Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Downers -- from the GOP

“Yesterday's conservative is considered today's anarchist, yesterday's rino is today's conservative! Thank you Fox news you have successfully neutered your sheep, I mean viewers!” – Blogger.

About Mitt Romney, “He’s a man who walks across a snowy field and leaves no footprints.” -- Gingrich biographer Craig Shirley.

“As a package you're repugnant, Newt. Can't say I'll miss those pope-like hand/arm gestures, but do stick around as long as possible.” – Blogger.

“Romney has a 98 % chance of winning Colorado & a 70 % chance of coming in a close 2nd to Santorum in Minnesota today. Gingrich is in last place in the next seven races.” – Blogger.

“Conservatives: Send Newt Gingrich ALL your money NOW!” – Blogger.

“Demography is destiny.” – Blogger.

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