Saturday, February 25, 2012

GOP going away party

Tales from the tangled www:

Republicans believe that "conception begins at Last Call.” Thanks, SNL.

Joe Klein types with tongue-in-cheek: “Republicans are doing good job of winning over the young voters who are adamantly opposed to contraception.”

You know you have a problem when George Will writes: “Romney is right about the futility of many current policies, but being offended by irrationality is insufficient. Santorum is right to be alarmed by many cultural trends, but implies that religion must be the nexus between politics and cultural reform. Romney is not attracting people who want rationality leavened by romance. Santorum is repelling people who want politics unmediated by theology. Neither Romney nor Santorum looks like a formidable candidate for November.”

Lawrence O’Donnell: “George Will may have the only functioning brain in the Republican party.”

Romney/Santorum. “One's Hazelnut and the other is a Filbert. How can you tell the difference?”

Recommended reading: “The Lost Party: The strangest primary season in memory reveals a GOP that’s tearing itself apart,” by John Heilmann in The New York Magazine.

Remember this and repeat it often: “No one should ever “underestimate the ability of President Obama to rally conservatives to vote against him.” Richard Land.


The South Plainsman said...

Have to agree with George Will this time.

How did our country get in the position of having no decent candidates for president?

Ken Martin said...

Re: The South Plainsman

The question you pose about not having decent candidates may apply at nearly every level of government.

I recall covering a national conference on New Urbanism held at Austin's convention center, c. 1998, when Kirk Watson was mayor. I sat down front at big table with a lot of influential local businessmen. They were talking among themselves and one said to the other that Kirk Watson was the first Class A (or words to that effect) mayor they could remember Austin having.

Seems like highly qualified people have something better to do. It may be that no completely rational person would put themselves through the grueling political wars and neverending scrutiny that's inherent in the process involved in getting elected president. Let alone carrying the burdens of the office should the candidate win.

George said...

Agreed. The wonder is that we get any quality candidates willing to go firewalking these days.

I couldn't withstand the scrutiny. My skeletons live in a walk-in closet.

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