Thursday, February 16, 2012

The GOP snapshot, hold still

From the tangled www:

He (Newt) will get by on nothing more than roaring ego and implacable rage… He looks like a man in a full ski-mask and a chainsaw in his hand. -- GOP strategist.

He feasts on your fear. Also on your muffins. -- Same guy.

Evil never dies! -- Different guy.

If you compare Newt to a random sample of axe murderers, he comes out way ahead. – Blogger.

Hurt me, beat me, be mean to me ... Cheney/Gingrich 2012. – Blogger.

When did conservatism become a religion? – Blogger.

Is there any straightforward way to get your name on the Mormons’ “Do Not Baptize” list? No. – Forrest Wickman. Slate.

Matthew 7:16. "By their fruit you will recognize them." Blogger. “Then Rick Santorum is bananas.” – next Blogger.

So, Rick has how many children? 5 or 6, so that means he's only had intercourse with his wife six times? Vote for Rick, our ticket to the 11th century! – Blogger.

On Romney claiming to be a “severe conservative.” Could be, he was thinking “extreme conservative” but his internal editor kicked in and changed it to “severe.” He just needs a better Thesaurus. And a spine. – Ed.

If you want to get a handle on their popularity from a national viewpoint, look at the number of their tweeter followers. Gingrich has 1,433, 216 followers. Romney has 313,463 followers as of today, Obama has 12, 276, 318 followers. – Blogger.

OK everyone, let's all pay attention to Sarah Palin, she's thinking of running again. Liberals, let's get angry. Conservatives, attack the lamestream media. On three. One, two... – Blogger.

America is Saved. – Blogger.

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