Tuesday, February 21, 2012

President Santorum's Cabinet

Twisted tales from the tangled www:

President Rick Santorum
Vice President Michele Bachmann
Secretary of State Sarah Palin
Secretary of Defense Ron Paul
Secretary of Education Hermann Cain
Secretary of the Treasury Mitt Romney
Secretary of Commerce Newt Gingrich
Secretary of Health Chris Christie

It is official. Rick is a nut. Mitt is a stiff nut. Newt is a round nut, and the Republican Party is a whole batch of unwanted nuts.

The media keeps talking about Rick being authentic. Well a hurricane and a dog bite are real to. You do not see anybody rushing to experience either one of those realities, do you?

Stockpile condoms before they're outlawed.

Republicans. They make you believe there is a God.


Anonymous said...

How come Rick Perry didn't make the cabinet?

George said...

Perhaps because Perry has already demonstrated he is too slow to run with this crowd.


Ken Martin said...

Hilarious, George, just what I needed at this late hour still plugging away.

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