Friday, February 10, 2012

The problem with CPAC -- hate

Quotes from the internet…

I might not agree with Clint Eastwood's politics but this is a REAL cowboy. Rick Perry is a fake cowboy. Clint would pimp-slap Rick in a bar fight.

CPAC - a hate festival! The gathering of 10,000 angst holes.

I thought good Christians weren't supposed to hate. They need to go back and read their owner's manual.

"The one thing that unites everybody is a hatred of Barack Obama," said Craig Shirley, a CPAC veteran and one of Reagan's newest and best biographers. "But hatred of the president is not a governing philosophy."

The next person that uses 'surge' in a headline I'm going to drive to their house and kick their dog.

Gingrich is colorful, quotable, unpredictable and utterly vicious.

Santorum is just Palin without the Naughty Monkey pumps.


Anonymous said...

Santorum doesn't wear pumps???

Anonymous said...

"naughty monkey pumps?" I cannot breathe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

George said...

Ed. Note: Naughty Monkey is a registered brand of women's shoe.

The South Plainsman said...

It is not hate when they disagree with you.

JohnSBoles said...

SP what you say is true but it is incorrect if you mean to apply it to the CPAC conference and not as a stand alone statement of fact. The quote attributed to Craig Shirley is real and though he cannot know the mind of another his suggestion that hatred of the President unites a few of the attendees is not outside the realm of possibility.

As the spouse of a Pastor and as an Elder in my denomination for the last thirty years I grieve when anyone is moved to write, "I thought good Christians weren't supposed to hate".

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