Sunday, February 19, 2012

Would two strong parties help?

More tales from the tangled www:

“I want a more robust Republican Party,” said professor Melissa Harris-Perry as she began her new MSNBC weekend program. “Two healthy parties challenge each other to come up with better ideas," she argued, "and both parties are hurt by one of them deteriorating.” If only.

Book title that makes you think: Indispensable Enemies by Walter Karp.

As long as you are up, think about this: Not everything that comes out of the mouths of politicians is in quotation marks.

"The old Catholic coots don't play the game…shouldn't try to make the rules. Bet if 12 year-old-boys could get pregnant, they'd change the rules." – Blogger.

Sure he (Romney) has a core philosophy, it can be simply stated, too: "I want to be President. – Blogger.

Romney is about as graceful as an elephant on a unicycle. Forward, back, pivot, turn, crash. – Blogger.

Amazing. He (Gingrich) stokes people's hate and then scolds them for hating. – Blogger.


Ken Martin said...

Keep 'em coming, George. You're curating consistently interesting stuff.

The South Plainsman said...

I think a centrist party would blow both of the current ones away.

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