Thursday, March 15, 2012

Game Change tout, Tea Party book tout

The more candidates I meet, the more I like my dog! – Blogger.

"When you watch footage of Mitt Romney on the campaign trail in Mississippi and Alabama, he looks like Prince Charles on a royal tour of New Guinea." -- Chris Matthews.

Never thought I would say this. The movie “Game Change” was so well done that I actually felt sympathy pangs for Sarah Palin and her inability to endure what she was going through. One reviewer said different audiences had vastly different viewpoints: in NY, the film was seen as entertainment; in DC, it’s a documentary. You can watch it online here.

Is it too early for a beach book? Try “The Tea Party and the Remaking of Republican Conservatism.” Here’s a nugget: "in general, Tea Party members like Medicare and Social Security, which they think they have earned through their work, but don’t like perceived freeloaders who live off of other peoples’ work.” Obviously, irony is not in their realm of understanding.

Reaction to nasty Goldman Sachs op-ed: “I was a broker for 39 days. I was hauled into the GM's office for failing to put a 75 year old man's life savings into the penny stock flavor of the week. I suggested he perform an anatomical impossibility and quit.” More!

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