Thursday, March 29, 2012

GOP focus on pink balls, pink slime, pink slips

Newt. Newt. When your money man Sheldon Adelson gives up on you, then you know the book tour is over.

Rick Perry says he really supports pink slime products. I’ll believe it when I see him eat some.

At a bowling alley this week, Rick Santorum told a boy who reached for a pink bowling ball: “You’re not gonna use the pink ball. We're not gonna let you do that. Not on camera.” Santorum went on to say “Friends don’t let friends use pink balls.” For chrissake, Rick, you give new meaning to gutter ball.

Mitt Romney joked about his father's decision to close a Detroit plant in the mid-1950s, fire the workers and shift the jobs to Wisconsin. Not funny. Not to the families who lost paychecks.

Ask Noam Chomsky how far have the Republicans gone to the right: “Today Nixon would be a flaming radical and Dwight D. Eisenhower would be off the spectrum. Even Ronald Reagan would be on the left somewhere.” That’s right, all right.

Know what these intellectual giants -- Stephen Baldwin, Dave Mustaine, Kirk Cameron, Ted Nugent, Chuck Norris, Victoria Jackson -- have in common? They support right wing candidate and causes. Extra points if you actually know who Dave Mustaine is. Or was. And well-known racist jerk-off is not a complete answer.


Lillah said...

Oh oh I know I know! said...

Just to be fair in the "guilt by association" dept, what do these mental giants have in common: Al Sharpton, Alec Baldwin, Spike Lee, Barney Frank, Robert Byrd, Rosie O'Donnell, Joy Behar, Woody Allen, & Ruth Bader "I prefer the South African Constitution" Ginsburg?

And Jay Leno cracking jokes about anyone else's wealth is indeed good comedy. The guy has more cars in his garage than General Motors & Fiat combined. Would love for him and Mitt to compare charitable donations. And I'm guessing the "folks" who installed and service Romney's new garage elevator aren't complaining.

Your old pal, Lars B

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