Thursday, March 22, 2012

GOP: gimme re-write

These little gems were lifted from various comments sections on the www:

Just so I am clear: teleprompters are forbidden, Etch a Sketches OK?

The Christian iPhone will prevent your wife and children from visiting websites that might be morally harmful to them.

It's not looking good for that moon-base and $2.50 gas.

Reminds me of the joke from (?) 1988... "in order to win, Sam Nunn is changing his name to Sam Nunn Of The Above"

Here’s the deal – Obama is a man well worth knowing. The Republican candidates? Not so sure.

Jay Leno about Romney: He is so rich, the last time he went hunting; he shot Dick Cheney in the face. Okay, that is rich. He is so rich, in his fantasy football league, he drafts owners. That's how rich."

Does the moth remember its life as a caterpillar?


Anonymous said...

Nowadays you DO have SO much material!!!

The South Plainsman said...

The problem with Romney is that the etch a sketch statement rings true. That is why a lot of folks vote for the other guys.

We are in a very sad state when we have nobody on either side really worth voting for.

Veronica Wald said...

The richest material is in the GOP's self-contradictory platforms. They somehow think the government should be responsible for creating jobs, but want smaller government, implying, among other things, that 10s of thousands of federal employees would enter the ranks of the unemployed. Hello? Is anybody listening? More important, is anybody hearing? themselves talk?

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