Thursday, March 8, 2012

GOP winners -- still an oxymoron

Nuggets found while mining the comments section on the tangled www:

“Running for president is a very powerful drug.” – Buzzfeed

“We're spending down our savings, not necessarily the best thing to do when you have three kids entering into college in the next couple years.” – Rick Santorum, snob.

Michael Moore quote re GOP elections: "This is a group of clowns. WHO was it that decided to come out against birth control ? Something like 99% of all Americans use it. They would have been better off coming out against meat. At least there are 3 % of Americans who are vegetarian..."

MSNBC's Richard Wolfe on The Ed Show about Sarah Palin and her influence at the GOP convention…"She's in strange relationship with reality.”

GOP humor. Buzzfeed lists these titles that conservatives have suggested for the upcoming Obama documentary:

When Barry Met Sauly
The Lyin' King
Up in the Ayers
You've Got Fail
It Could Have Been Worse


The South Plainsman said...

Michael Moore calling anyone a clown is a real howler.

George said...

I'm not s Michael Moore fan, either. He sometimes shaves the facts to make his points. But he is often funny en route.

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