Thursday, April 12, 2012

Coming round the mountain -- soon


That’s the sound of my body landing on the couch. For the 12th time in six years, we’ve made the trek between Austin and Minneapolis. Driving north this time of years gives us a second look at spring. Mighty nice.

At first, we took the straight shot – I-35 up and down the middle of America.

Then, we began to meander like the true second graders we are. To Durango in the west, to Asheville in the east. We’re nearly bicoastal.

And we’re not alone. This trip we had chance meetings with six other couples who enjoy the Texas/Minnesota weather reverses.

Most of the trips, we’ve been DWG (driving while grinning.) Amazing. More than 15,000 miles and two dogs later, we’re about to hang up our cleats. Once we sell the Minneapolis home, the wanderlust will take us where the Blue Ridge mountains meet the Smokies. There, midst a different kind of BBQ, we hope to settle down. Maybe learn a craft. And watch repeats of “Sergeant York.”

Grinning all the while. From the porch.

Come see us.

1 comment:

rosaria williams said...

You're about to retire! I recognize that grin.

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