Sunday, April 15, 2012

The front porch is officially open

Listen. Can you hear it, the rain on the porch roof? I was napping on the wicker couch when the shower rolled in. Nice way to wake up.

We took a chance and put the porch up yesterday. Just a few days earlier than usual. And -- right on schedule – snow flurries are predicted overnight in the Twin Cities. We exist to amuse the weather gods.

Putting Up The Porch is an important marker. Neighbors know they can always get a glass of wine and a little opera on our side of the screen. It means the cold winter is over and we can wear shorts on white legs.

This time, the porch takes on a new meaning. Our Minnesota house is for sale and the porch adds good vibrations to the deal. Not to mention a little more three-season square footage.

One look and you know this is an old fashioned place where cares melt away. Pull up a chair. Feel the tug that takes you back to lightning bugs and chilled watermelon. It’s easy on the porch. Just let go.

For us, letting go is the hard part. Knowing this will be the last spring, the last summer we’ll get to enjoy this little space that has been such a sweet spot in our lives up here.

We may let go of the space, but the memories … never.

North Carolina. Hendersonville area. Where the Blue Ridge meet the Smokie Mountains. That's where we might move. I've already advised the realtor of our priorities: we want a porch with a house attached.


The South Plainsman said...

Wish I could have had some time on that porch. But maybe some evening in the Smokies.

Just fixed myself an adult beverage, and am headed for my porch. Wish you and the Mystery Woman were here again.

We had rain last night, with only a bit of hail. After a day of lightly blowing dust in 35 mph winds. Today is much cooler, but I am headed outside.

Tim O'Keefe said...

My step dad died in July. My mom last December. They lived in Brevard, NC - in a little community called Conastee Falls. Maybe 40 minutes from Hendersonville. I recently wrote a post about their porch. Here is the http:

I read your stuff all the time. Don't even remember how I found it. Some link from another lefty blog probably. I also love Minnesota. My grandparent-in-laws lived in St. Paul Park and I have many happy memories of trekking up there at Christmas time - and summer as well. That is the right place to be in summer.

If you want to see the listing let me know. It is a honey of a house. Sincerely.

George said...

Tim -- pleasant surprise. We would love to know more about your mom's place but I cannot figure out how to email you. If you see this, shoot me an email at

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