Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Next month, we are moving to Blue Ridge mountains. More on that later. As part of my “get ready” I have been scouring Craigslist for treasures.

What I found surprised me. Sly mountain humor. Love it.

1989 Toyota Pickup 4x4 - $2000

It's not pretty, but it's made a good work truck for me. The back up lights and the parking break aren't hooked up. (I just use a piece of firewood and a flashlight.)

Large cast iron kettle - $35

This is a large old cast iron kettle that measures 24" in diameter. It has a chunk out of the bottom and has several holes drilled in it to let water out as it was used as a flower planter. Both handles are on it but one of the three legs is missing. We put a half brick under it and it sat fine.

Two chickens - $10

Have two pretty chickens, they are almost two years old.
They quit laying eggs for some reason.
One is cuckoo maran and one black cooper maran.
Don't know if they will lay again.

Cute Veggie Cabinet - $20

I have this cute "vegitables" cabinet, with two shelves, that I was going to refinish but my life is not letting me.

Space Ship. - $350

This is a 12 foot wide metal spaceship flying saucer with running lights, interior black light. It has hung on the wall of our youth room at our church.


sph said...

...wonder what church that was? Andy idea? Great post....laughed heartily!!

paula said...

If you bought all of them, imagine what you could do! George, I think it's time for you and the Mystery Woman to cook up those hens in a leaky pot, toss in a few veggies out of your cute box, mix it all up for a farewell dinner before you take off in your own space ship. Bon voyage!

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