Friday, June 29, 2012

Living on mountain time

We are having difficulty getting wifi scheduled. Worst case, we may go dark until July 12.

Just didn't want anyone to fret.

The final pieces of the move to N. Carolina have apparently fallen into place. The POD arrives tomorrow morning and the two helpers show up around noon. We should be unloaded in about three hours.

The Mystery Woman and her daughter found the house. I got to see the little house for the first time today. It's neat. The former owners put in lots of upgrades. For example, they widened every window in the house and there's a great view of trees and plants out each window. No mountain views from our street but last night we drove up to Jump Off which is a mere five minutes from our house. That's only one sippy cup away.

Full disclosure: house may be too pretentious a word. Cottage is more apt.

Let me tell you, we are happy to be here. It's a long drive across Big America even when sponging off relatives along the way.

We'll be in touch later, when we are functional again.

The Smokey Mountains should fix that in no time. With a little help from the Blue Ridge skyline. And some white lightning.


r2 said...

21 days. Some gap. Glad to see you pop up on the other side....

George said...

I wonder ... maybe Krispy Kreme has wifi.

Ken Martin said...

George I'm glad to hear things are going smoothly and you're nestling into your new abode.

While it may be a while before you're hooked up to wifi again, that'll give you a good opportunity to explore your new surroundings throughly.

Here's to the White Lightning! (I can hear Robert Mitchum singing that song.)

G said...

Thunder Road. We're probably the only two people still alive who remember that Mitchum flick, which also featured his son in a supporting role.

Tim O'Keefe said...

Welcome home.

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