Sunday, July 22, 2012

Firm young bodies, Warren Buffett, fast cars

We take it in stride. But ever since we moved to this part of N. Carolina, the Mystery Woman and I have become nearly famous.

A story in the Sunday newspaper says the local economy is based upon (1) retirees, (2) manufacturing, (3) tourism, and (4) agriculture.

Not only are we a Leading Economic Indicator – we’re a draw!

Because of us, they sell lots of fiber. And doctors who were smart enough to read “The Age Wave” when it first came out twenty years ago, well those doctors are driving better cars than their colleagues who like dealing with firm, young bodies.

Back to the point: As far back as the 1800’s, people have been coming to these mountains to retire. The amazing thing – they’ve been welcome.

Seniors are not invisible hereabouts. They are welcome. Like in the olden days. The result is one of the more vibrant small towns I’ve ever seen. This ain’t Archer City, Texas. Uh-uh.

Imagine the results if the rest of the country followed suit. If they did, that fellow Buffett could afford to live somewhere other than Omaha.

1 comment:

Ken Martin said...

Glad you're settling in and enjoying the new homestead. Sounds idyllic if you believe in retirement, and obviously you've taken to it nicely. Enjoy.

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