Friday, July 20, 2012

 Rain on the roof, every afternoon

Did I tell you? Our little cottage in N. Carolina has a porch. And life is good. Now, I’m just waiting for something to happen. Yesterday, there were three cars. Today, rumor has it that FedEx may stop by.

Most mornings, I’m on the porch with the dog, the morning paper and the laptop.

Most evenings, it’s me, the lightning bugs, and the Mystery Woman. Plus two glasses of wine. At minimum.

This little porch is just about the same size as the one we left behind in Minneapolis. But this one is not screened. And the uneven flagstones make wine drinking tricky if you’re old.

Up here, they say you can spot the Florida people because their porch is screened. N. Carolina people don’t deem screens necessary. So far, I tend to think we can do without. Mosquitoes are not that bad.

So we’re going commando. Uhh. I meant going native. You believe me, don’t you?


Tim O'Keefe said...

Don't you think you are having TOO good a time? I mean, relaxing all the time. That late evening wine. When is your next book coming out?

Denise said...

Great reading your posts again, George!

The South Plainsman said...


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