Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Political spending a national shame

Raise your hand if you already know whom you are going to vote for. Now look around. Ninety-six percent of your friends also have made up their minds.

Me, too.

So, in the next 80+ days the hundreds of millions about to be spent on political advertising is aimed at only four percent of Americans.

Let that sink in.

The terrible waste of money, time and resources aside – this means I’m not going to change your mind and you sure as hell are not going to change mine.

Not only that, I think the aforementioned four percent is lying.

Want a beer?


Jeff Hebert said...

Worse, it's only 4% of the voters in a handful of swing states. The 4% don't matter in places like California or Texas where we already know who's going to win. We're basically talking about all this money being spent on undecided voters in Ohio, Florida, Colorado, and a few other states that are still in play.

So you could probably safely argue that all of that money is being thrown at less than 1% of the actual US population.

The South Plainsman said...

Too much money, too little real debate on the issues.

I suspect Jefferson and his collegues would be very disappointed.

Ken Martin said...

Good point, George. Reminds me of Ross Perot talking about the "crazy aunt in the basement" that never seemed to come in presidential debates, or the elephant in the room that nobody notices.

We can't ever forget, though, that all this money is being spent for one reason: to jiggle, nudge, and flipper the national political outcome like a pin-bowl machine to get the folks kind to your interests, mainly financial interests, elected. And, unlike a pinball machine, this one won't even kill the game with a "tilt" to shut it down.

Ken Martin said...

Of course I meant pin-ball, not pin-bowl

paula said...

This today, on Twitter:
Andy Borowitz ‏@BorowitzReport
Half a billion dollars have been spent on campaign ads so far. It's a good thing our schools and roads are in great shape or I'd be mad.

It's sinful.

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