Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A day in the life of e-geezers

It went something like this:

First, a friend posts something on Facebook about how we can get around their damned tracking. I liked it and re-posted it on my FB page.

Big mistake. My nerd son-in-law says that binary dog won’t spark (reach a little – you’ll get the idea).

So I changed my alert-post but not before my daughter zings me with “I’m in love with that nerd.”

Meanwhile, the nerd in question says although he doesn't know what we are writing about, he is nevertheless VERY offended. I think it is his standing principle ever since Clint Eastwood.

Swift apologies to everyone, all the while hearing an electrical bark in the bkg. But it could have been a grackle.

To prove my e-prowess, I notify my nerd-in-law that I no longer require his help in “unfriending” camp followers on FB. Today, I learned how to do this myself. I crushed someone anonymously. Today I am an e-man (but not the Muslim kind).

My nerd, who is grudgingly proud of me, says, “Congratulations. The next step is forgetting how to talk to girls.”

Life. BWTFDIK. (My nerd said you would understand the initials.)


The South Plainsman said...

You need a question mark after the K. lol

Anonymous said...

didn't get the initials -- you're on FACEBOOK????

Anonymous said...

There is another Facebook option. Quit it altogether. Someone hacked an acquaintance's account and something obscene showed up on my Facebook homepage.
I was so embarrassed that I quit it altogether. From time to time, I have regretted it, but I find I spend less time sitting down at the computer and more outside being up and about in the real world instead of the virtual world. The withdrawal symptoms were manageable.

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