Sunday, September 23, 2012

Smart talk from Craigslist

Next time you are bored, grumpy, worried about the elections…just open up the ads in Craigslist for a little low humor.

Earlier I told you about the Craigslist ad for a “round table, 48x48.” Well, I just found a companion piece: “square table, 25x25x25x25.”

“Pig-me goats for sale.” Same guy?

Maybe this was his car for sale: “The A/C compressor was taken off due to the loss of hoarse power.”

It’s common to read about “break lights” but this one guy was up front about his problem with the “tell lights.”

One shop was taking “Koi Days” sale on the road and listed three locations over the next three days. It could be a bait and switch ploy. The last stop was at the “Hibach Buffet.”

Mountain humor: “Retro 1950’s yellow commode. Would look good in your bathroom – or your front yard.”

Handyman humor: “tape measure for sale, one end is dumber than the other.”

Drinking man’s humor: “24 can Budweiser bi-plane. What a super addition to any man's cave. Custom Made as a " One Of A Kind ". Precision cut and assembled from 24...possibly more cans.” Lost count, did you?

Items we could have used when we were younger: “Tart maker, $25.”

1 comment:

Ronni Bennett said...

These are wonderful. I had such a good laugh. And thanks for the tip about Craigslist for when I need another laugh.

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