Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gonna need a bigger clown car

GOP SEES RECORD BENCH FOR 2016 -- Jim VandeHei and Mike Allen: "Upwards of 15 prominent Republicans are privately contemplating 2016 campaigns for the presidency ... [Rep. Paul Ryan and Sen. Marco Rubio] both will unveil new policy plans at an awards dinner of the Jack Kemp Foundation [on Dec. 4]: Ryan will begin a new push on a more modern approach to alleviating poverty, focused on education; Rubio will lift the curtain on an economic empowerment message, heavy on college affordability and workforce training. That upcoming duet is one of the clearest signs that this presidential race is beginning as early as any in history. ... Rick Santorum is telling friends he wants to run again. Texas Gov. Rick Perry has said publicly that he might, too, and has begun talking to donors ... like he means it. ...POLITICO

Monday, November 19, 2012

The mountains of Florida

The mountains of Florida? That’s where we are. Ocala is 37 feet above sea level at full moon. It’s a low-slung country.

And a strange beauty. Dangerous, maybe.

Spanish moss drapes everything outside. During the slightest breeze, the ghostly stuff sways with the rhythm of a macabre chorus line. Erie even in full sunlight.

Many houses look like the boyhood home of Jack Sparrow.

Or maybe one of Hemingway's cat houses.

Friday, November 16, 2012

The original Wild Thing

If you’ve ever been a kid, or had one, you know Maurice Sendak’s groundbreaking book “Where the Wild Things Are.”

If you happen to be in Ocala, FL, today drop by the Appleton Museum of Art. That’s where 33 artists are paying tribute to this grumpy old guy who influenced their own work. More than 160 pieces of picture book art will be on exhibit through Jan. 20.

Lyn Ellen is the guest curator. She’s studied these artists for decades and has written a book about their winning ways.

Check it out. This is how we stay young:

Thursday, November 8, 2012

We walk among you

I just realized I belong to what may be one of the smallest minorities in US politics: I'm an old white guy who voted for President Obama.

Billionaires versus the voters

The real election night heroes? The tens of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands of people who stood in line to vote for hours and hours and hours.

They wanted the free stuff all right – the freedom to vote.

Fix it. This is a national election. And a national disgrace. Same rules should apply in every voting booth across the country.

As much as anybody did, the GOP billionaires fired up the democratic base. Too much money spent on too many lying ads. It seems to me the super rich are the people who feel entitled. They think they can buy the United States.

The billionaires are livid. Good. You are the mirror to our outrage at your secret Super PAC money. Needs fixing, too, for the long-term health of the American system.

Finally, you know who had the best business model for running a campaign in the 21st Century? Obama with his laser-guided ground game.

The irony. And now the joy.

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